The best Liveaboard destinations in Indonesia

Liveaboard Raja ampat | Alor | Banda Sea | Komodo

The best liveaboard destinations in Indonesia


Indonesia is a dynamic country wedged between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It has over 17,000 islands and unlimited dive sites throughout the country. It is an important Asian destination for its history, culture, and varied diving along the coastline and around the islands.

With all these assets, Indonesia is a perfect destination to visit on a liveaboard and enjoy idyllic landscapes, breathtaking dives and reach remote areas that very few people have had the chance to visit.


  1. Liveaboard Komodo National Park:



Komodo National Park is one of Indonesia’s best places for diving and liveaboard trips. There is exotic marine life including banded sea snakes, white tip reef sharks, dolphins and whales. One of Komodo’s most famous sites is Batu Bolong, a pinnacle with abundant marine life, you won’t know where to look.


You can’t cross the planet without visiting the last living dragon on earth, the Komodo dragon. You can visit this creature on either the islands of Rinca or Komodo by taking a 45-minute walk.


The cruises on board Vaiatea managed by Dragon Dive Liveaboard are organized by experts of the Komodo area and organized for you 8 days and 7 nights cruises in central and northern Komodo, showing you the best places that the park has to offer so that you can keep unforgettable memories of your trip.


There are many flights to Labuan Bajo airport, the gateway to Komodo National Park, via Bali or Jakarta, every day. You can easily reach these two airports via flights from all over the world.


  1. Liveaboard Raja Ampat:

Liveaboard Raja ampat | Alor | Banda Sea | Komodo


What does a diver like most about his diving destination? He is looking for a versatile place of unexplored natural beauty. And above all, the thing a diver wants most is a calm, peaceful, refreshing place to travel; a destination that takes you gently out of the hectic, stressful world into a peaceful, refreshing world. Raja Ampat is at the top of the cruise destinations.


Warm waters, manta rays, sharks, macro and huge schools of fish, drift dives, and much more make Raja Ampat one of the best diving destinations in the world. It offers divers all the opportunities they want to enjoy in one place.


Raja Ampat is home to the famous Cape Kri dive site. Cape Kri holds the world record for the most species recorded in a single dive! The crossroads of different currents at the tip of Kri Island has created a huge variety of fauna and flora – all kinds of sharks, hundreds of schools of fish, a captivating diversity of corals. In fact, it’s all there! Sometimes you just have to dive, hang on to a rock, and enjoy the show! You will never come back disappointed from a dive at Cape Kri! You will never want to come back from Cape Kri.


The most difficult thing will be to reach Raja Ampat.

From wherever you are flying, you have to get to Sorong, the closest Indonesian town in West Papua and the gateway to Raja Ampat.


From Sorong, you must then go to the port of Sorong. You can take a cab from the airport to the port, which will take about 20 minutes and would not cost much. If you don’t have much luggage, you can try to catch an ojek (Indonesian name for motorcycle) for a very low price.


  1. Liveaboard Alor:



Going on a liveaboard to Alor will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your diving life for several reasons:


Alor is not the most important and accessible place in Indonesia, but we think that diving in Alor should be on every diver’s bucket list of destinations to visit. There are only a few places on our beautiful planet that have such a rich underwater life, both for fish and colorful reefs.


First of all, Alor is the perfect destination for macro lovers. You can see many macro marine creatures at almost every site, such as boxfish, nudibranchs, antennae, and all other kinds of crazy creatures but… Alor is also an ideal destination for divers who prefer pelagic animals like dolphins, sharks, whales, and huge schools of fish surrounding you.


Alor is also known as a popular destination for underwater photographers. We also offer cruises for photographers, so don’t hesitate to contact us to participate in one of these cruises. Kevin and famous underwater photographers will be present to guide you and show you the best places and hideouts for macro lovers.


It is also particularly known for the currents that can be encountered during the dives. This makes it a more suitable destination for experienced divers and implies a strong responsibility of the operators for the safety of the divers.

Vaiatea liveaboard will accompany you to the waters of Alor, for one of the most epic trips of your life.


To enjoy the cruise and visit Alor, you will have to go to Maumere, from the airport of Bali or Kupang.


  1. Liveaboard Ambon and the Banda Sea:



The Banda Sea is the deepest of the various seas that make up the delightful Indonesian archipelago. Normally, with a depth of over 4,500 m and the deepest point being over 7,300 m, it is a huge waterway extending over 1,000 km from east to west and 500 km from north to south. The Banda Sea is located north of Flores and south of Seram.


The Banda Sea is a perfect place for divers looking for a dynamic and healthy reef system with incredible life as well as huge gorgonians and sponges and truly monumental hard corals. The island has many unexplored dive sites and coral gardens and rich colonial heritage on land.


One of the fundamental objectives of this trip are experiences with schools of fish and jacks, barracudas, Spanish mackerel, but in addition, unique species of sharks – grey reef, silky, silver, thresher, and the occasional tiger sharks have been spotted. But the main attraction and uniqueness of this place are the hammerheads – on a number of areas of the atolls and islands, we discovered privileged places for the study of hammerheads.


Many dives are dedicated to the search for pelagics. This makes this trip unique for this part of the world – there is still plenty of macrofauna on most of the dives (it is still Indonesia, after all), but this is not an itinerary specifically for macro photographers – with the notable exception of the mandarin fish mating at Banda Neira, the macro dives of Ambon Bay and the critter paradise of Alor. Talk about unique: how about a day spent scuba diving around Manuk, a volcano that pierces the surface and whose slopes serve as a habitat for sea snakes in large numbers.


All in all, this trip is often the trip of a lifetime, with the opportunity for unforgettable encounters and moments above and below the waves of the Banda Sea – a beautiful place with a certain “off the beaten path” appeal, producing the most impressive “Spices and Snakes” cruise.


  1. Liveaboard Halmahera


Liveaboard Raja ampat | Alor | Banda Sea | Komodo

The archipelago of Halmahera is located in the northern province of the Moluccas. It includes a large island, Halmahera, and about fifty islets all around. It is located between Raja Ampat in the East and Manado in the West, two high places of diving in Indonesia, and in the heart of the coral triangle.


Even though the destination is still confidential, Halmahera has the potential to become the next dive spot to discover in Indonesia. Diving in Halmahera is not only an exceptional experience but also extraordinarily varied: wrecks in Ternate, emerald waters and schools of fish in Tidore, vertiginous walls, and pelagic in Bacan, drift dives in the Patinti Strait, not to mention beautiful coral gardens everywhere.


Although there are still many sites to be discovered, Halmahera already offers a lot. From pristine reefs to colorful coral gardens to caves and incredible underwater life. 450 species of corals and 650 species of fish have been listed for now but this is only the beginning.


For all of your diving liveaboard experience in Indonesia, Vaiatea Liveaboard is there to fulfill all your desires. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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