camera liveaboard
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Liveaboard tips for Photographers

Underwater photography during a Liveaboard:   If you are a photographer and your aim is to capture the world under the sea then you must have faced some difficulties during liveaboard. In those trips, photographers are considered as…
what to bring on diving trip

what to bring on a diving liveaboard

What to bring onboard during a liveaboard? Liveaboard trips are the diver’s favorite. Some divers love Liveaboard so much that they dive only while living aboard. Mostly, divers cruise to remote areas for the sake of adventure and exploration…
LIVEABOARD vs daily dive
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liveaboard VS day trip

Liveaboard vs. Scuba Dive resort holiday. Which one to choose? It's holiday time, and yours is a scuba vacation. You don't want to lie on a beach, and you want to go diving. You have your time off or just getting your Post-Covid 19 holiday,…
best diving destinations in October uk

Best Five October liveaboard dive destination | blog

Five Great October Liveaboard Dive Destinations:   October is great time for scuba diving. It’s calm, peaceful and pleasure full month. Winds are light, cold and refreshing. It’s the best time to go for scuba diving because special…